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April 19, 2011

The History and Roots of Samba

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Ballroom and Latin dancing popularity has risen in the last several years. People use the Samba and other popular dances to keep in shape.

The Samba originated in Africa, but is associated with Brazil and Rio de Janeiro. It has traditionally been performed on the street. A ring of people would sing, clap their hands and play drums, while two people would engage in an extreme Samba competition, nothing is held back.

The Samba was then performed in the slums surrounding Rio de Janiero. Now, it is known as a dance of celebration performed during The Carnival. Thousands of dancers in elaborate costumes perform each year.

Samba began to take off in South America when Samba schools began in 1928. It wasn’t until 1933 when Fred Astaire and Dolores Del Rio danced a version of the Samba in “Flying Down To Rio” that the United States saw the Samba in action. A few years later Carmen Miranda performed the dance in “That Night In Rio”. Finally, in 1939, the Samba was introduced to the general public at the world’s fair. Today it is taught and performed in dance schools all over the world. It’s fast pace and pelvic tic make the Samba difficult for beginners.

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